Meeting Your Healthcare Needs with Respect, Compassion and Experience

Choices Medical TransCare focuses exclusively on the special healthcare needs of transgender and gender nonconforming people. Our professional staff is committed to serving you with the highest level of medical skill and cultural competence, and, as with all of our medical care, services are completely private and confidential. You deserve and need the best care possible, and that’s what you’ll experience at Choices Medical TransCare. Our Specialty is YOU!

Our Mission


Choices Women’s Medical Center was founded to provide the best possible health care for women. This remains our core mission.

At our state-of-the-art facility and with a staff of top medical professionals devoted to women’s mental and physical well being, Choices offers comprehensive prenatal and gynecological care that includes regular “well-woman” exams, birth control, prenatal care and abortion to 24 weeks.

We specialize in assisting teens with reproductive health issues, and all our services are entirely confidential.

You can apply for and receive Emergency Medicaid on the spot, and other forms of financial help are available.



Our Services


Choices Medical TransCare offers comprehensive medical and mental health services to individuals 13 years of age or older. These include:

Sexual Healthcare – Testing for STIs, including HIV; hormone therapy and monitoring; STI prevention education.

HIV Testing and Treatment

Mental Health and Counseling Services – For patients, family and friends, and Support Groups.


Social Services – Assistance with employment and housing issues and identity documentation.

Educational Outreach-lifestyle classes

Insurance and Financial Aid – Choices has in-house insurance specialists that can provide information on and help you apply for programs that could cover your medical care.

Referrals – When needed, Choices Medical TransCare will offer referrals to outside trusted, trans-friendly healthcare providers

Message From Merle


As we launch Choices Medical Transcare, we are pleased to bring you some thoughts from Melissa Sklarz, Board Co-Chair of Empire Pride Agenda, the state-wide LGBTQ lobbying organization and long-time political and community activist. We are honored to share her comments with you.

Today’s LGBT health network began as a response to HIV-AIDS. Today it’s imperative and essential that trans people have our own network of doctors, nurses and other healthcare providers. The physical transition from one gender to another – the biological, emotional and psychological changes – are unique and cry out for specialized care.

Until recently it was difficult to get the healthcare industry to recognize the uniqueness of trans lives. Choices is part of a new generation of medical caregivers who are aware of that uniqueness and is a facility where the expectation of sensitivity will be realized for trans people. Bringing trans-affirming health to Southeast Queens is a niche that needs to be filled.